Finance bill for 2018 and innovation: what’s up ?

Among the means implemented to support both public and private investment and innovation, the finance bill for 2018 refers to the Big Investment Plan, « Grand Plan d’Investissement » (GPI), representing an amount of EUR 57 Bn, which is going to finance the 3rd Future Investment Program “Programme d’investissement d’avenir” (PIA 3) to an amount of EUR 10 Bn. Within the framework of “PIA3”, claimed since the finance bill for 2017, EUR 4.1 Bn are to be dedicated to accelerate firms modernization, thanks to cash grants, equity or annual payments over 10 years.

Actions under discussion in terms of innovation

The creation of an industry and innovation fund

This fund will progressively reach EUR 10 Bn, a budget coming from the disposal of state participations. The money raised is to be invested in order to generate revenues in the range of EUR 200 M per year, incomes which will finance innovation projects (in the fields of transport, energy storage, etc.)

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