Paris 2024 Opening in Less Than 100 Days – Streamline Visa Applications and Processing Time

Less than 100 days to go until the opening of the Olympic/Paralympic games, visa sections around the world will have to process an increased number of visa applications in addition to the summer peak season.

What’s the change?

The visa applications will be processed differently depending on the status of the applicants intending to visit France for the participation or the attendance to the Olympic/Paralympic Games.

Indeed, the French “Olympic Consulate”, set up early in January, is in charge of specific visa applications.

In this regard, there are 3 main categories of visa applications:

  • Olympic and Paralympic Games “family members” : persons who are accredited by the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games benefit from a special and simplified visa application procedure. They can apply for a visa under a fast-tracked procedure (access to an appointment within 24 hours or without appointment, no requisition of the passport). In principle, the application will be processed as a priority . Applicants shall receive an e-visa affixed to their accreditation card.
  • Persons officially invited by the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games: persons officially invited by the Committee also benefit from a special and simplified visa application procedure. They will be able to submit their visa application under a fast-tracked procedure (access to an appointment within 24 hours). Their passport will be kept by the Consulate and they will receive the visa affixed to their passport within a reduced timeline.
  • Visitors coming to attend the Olympic events : Visitors and tourists coming to the Olympic Games do not have access to a special procedure. They must apply for a Schengen entry visa according to the regular standard procedure. The processing time for obtaining the visa may be extended depending on the workflow of the consular authorities.

As Olympic accredited persons and official invitees have access to a dedicated procedure, the processing time for obtaining a visa should be fast-tracked. However, applicants must meet strict criteria that falls under these categories.

With regard to other applications, the influx of visitors expected for the Olympic/Paralympic Games is expected to lead to an increase in visa applications at the French consular services. This could have an impact on the organization of appointments and the processing time of applications.

In addition, any applicant planning to travel or move to France during this period will need to anticipate formalities such as visa application and housing accommodation as soon as possible.


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