Coronavirus – Immediate repayment of the RTC receivables to be refunded in 2020

On March 22nd, 2020, the French Tax Administration (“FTA”) updated its webpage regarding the questions / answers related to the COVID-19.

It confirms that companies benefiting of one or more tax credits that are refundable in 2020, including the Research Tax Credit, can now request the refund of the balance. The company may make this request without waiting for the filing of its tax return and after offsetting, where applicable, from its corporate income tax.

Be aware that only the tax credits refundable in 2020 are concerned – companies will therefore not be able to benefit from early repayment of all their RTC claims.

In practice, for companies with a December 31 closing, this is the refundable RTC :

  • For year 2019 regarding SMEs
  • For year 2016 regarding other companies

To do this, the FTA invites companies to go to their “impôt.gouv” professional webspace and to file the following tax returns:

  • the tax credit refund application (form no. 2573)
  • the return justify the tax credit (return no. 2069-RCI or specific return, unless it has already been filed previously)
  • in the absence of a profit and loss statement, the statement of corporate tax balance (form n° 2572) enabling the tax due to be settled and the refundable claim for 2020 to be established

Finally, the communication states that the French Tax Administrative Services are mobilized to process the claims as soon as possible, within a few days.

Nota: In addition and in the event of an overpayment of corporate income tax installments, it should also be possible to request a refund (terms to be specified).

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