Macron Act: limitation of the application scope of the Single Agreement (“Convention Unique”)

As part of the ongoing discussions on the Economic Growth, Activity and Equal Opportunities Bill (known as the “Macron Bill”), the French National Assembly adopted an amendment changing the scope of the “single agreement” (the obliga-tion to render every year in a single agreement the outcome of commercial negotiations between the parties).

The amendment aims at reducing the scope of application of Article L441-7 of the French Commercial Code. The Single Agreement would now be limited to the relationships between “the supplier and retail business distributor” and not anymore to the relationships between the supplier and any distributor/service provider. The retail business is defined at paragraph 3 of the new Article L441-7 as “a store that carries out essentially, meaning for more than half of its sales revenue, the sale of goods to consumers for domestic use.”

Pending the discussion of the Bill in the Senate in early April, it is the current version of Article L441-7 which is applicable for single agreements that have to be signed by March 1, 2015.

Muriel Féraud-Courtin

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